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Re: Does It Get Better???

In hindsight, I think I was a little harsh on a few episodes. I've changed my rating for "Emanations" from 3 to 4, "Phage" from 4 to 5, and "Faces" from 5 to 6.

I started season 2 yesterday by watching the first two episodes. Here are my ratings:

The 37's 5
Initiations 4

I thought The 37's had some fun moments, but there are a few big implausibilities (why would Delta Quadrant aliens kidnap humans from the Alpha Quadrant just to use them as slaves???), and once again the writers dangled the possibility of returning to the Delta Quadrant in our faces even though it was obvious they wouldn't returning because it was only the beginning of the show, and they had done the same thing many times before. Nevertheless, it was a fun episode with some good moments.

Initiations has two main problems. 1) The child Kazon is extremely annoying. Not sure if I should blame Aron Eisenberg or the writers, but nevertheless the scenes with him made me cringe. 2) The Kazon are essentially the Delta Quadrant version of the Klingons, except less cool (at this point). I'm hoping that they will develop more as the show progresses.
I liked the way Chakotay stood by his principles in this episode. He was unwilling to kill the child (who had tried to kill him, I might add) even if it meant that he could escape. And he was even willing to let the kid "kill" him just to restore his honor.

So, am I being too harsh, or do you think my ratings are fair?
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