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Re: Non-Trek Games with Trek Mods

You might be mildly interested in this. I am a fan of the PC/Windows version of the FPS 'Fallout 3', for which there are a VAST number of mods and add-ons. Plus a range of utilities to help one install, use or alter same, or even help make new mods.

(Lord knows, the game needs all those extras. As is, it is very buggy, but a lot of people have spent a lot of time fixing these problems.)

FO3's game area is Washington DC and surrounds, just a couple of centuries after a nuclear war. There are about a dozen Trek mods for the game. Some are modders resources. There are a couple that put in uniforms and weaponry (including phaser rifles and Batleths), and a WIP mod for alien races. Also, there is a 'Guardian Of Forever' quest mod - you get to "time-travel' back to the events of the original 'Fallout' to save History.

There are also many non-Trekkian mods that can "alien things up" so to speak - weird weather, fill the region with palm trees, put a huge ringed world in the night sky, etc..

Check out and run a search there for Star Trek mods. There are also some very helpful people on the forums who can help with further enquiries.
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