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Re: Trek Nation...Good, Bad, or Indifferent?

I thought it wasn't too bad - given that it was only a 2 hour thing - couldn't go into every single nuance. Although I was originally thinking for some reason that it would have been an actual sort of mini-series type thing. More than one 2 hour show. Considering he was working on this documentary for a looooong time, 2 hours is all they could do?

I don't know feels like there was a LOT they cut out for timing's sake. Interviews I'm sure he had done that weren't aired, elements that weren't there. For all we know there was a longer first cut of it, that mentioned the "first family", that went into some of the other aspects. But then again... this is a Science Channel/Discovery Communications production. They're pretty good at hacksaw editing. "Eh, that's boring... let's hear Uhura's MLKJr story!" even though many of us fans have heard that story so many times in so many ways. Although Majel disappointed me, you think she'd have SOMETHING more to say - or at least they could have picked her doing a more forthcoming interview. It's not like Rod was the first one to put a mic in front of her.

But keep in mind, this was also meant for a general audience, not just us Trekkies. We know all this stuff - there was really very little that we haven't seen in other documentaries, special features, interviews or books. I was actually kinda of glad to see some of the home movies from the Roddenberry family. And the Save Enterprise people. I'm glad to see that was included. It also sort of did a somewhat decent job at portraying us fans in a better light than "Trekkies" did - although the guy in the Borg costume with the vox box and the rather unattractive woman in the Borg Queen outfit sort of were there for the "freak show" element... but those kids he interviewed were pretty cute. 6 Years old and they knew every bit about the show.

So it wasn't 'horrible' but it wasn't spectacular either. I think it could have been longer but then again you are trying to fit in over 50 years of story in to 2 hours. Really should have been a multi-night event sort of thing. Maybe like the initial 2 hour thing to whet the appetite and then 1 hour shows every night for like 5 nights that go into more detail about Roddenberry's impact and influence on each series. Like Night 2 - TOS, Night 3 - TNG, Night 4 -The Spin offs - TAS, DS9, VOY, Ent, Night 5 - The Future of Trek - at least it would let things take a more in depth look.

But Rod does have some serious daddy issues - although... speaking as someone who lost his own father a few years back, you do tend to both sort of look favorably on your late old man and not so favorably. It's an odd balance. And since he lost his pop at a fairly young age, I'm sure there are a lot of issues - and maybe this was his way of trying to work through it.

I wouldn't nominate it for any awards. But at least we fans weren't completely looked at as complete and utter freaks
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