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Re: Sigils and Unions: Catacombs of Oralius: "Flying Apart"

Ok, so here's my review from AdAstra, opened for farther discussion

A very risky escape and so many things could have gone wrong. Even such a little thing as one of the masks damage could cause a lot of problems with their plans. It appears that the dissidents had done it many times and knew what to do, but there's always that unknown factor of accidents.

And the terrible situation of saving a life (two lives) at the cost of others. For Dukat it clearly was terrible and I wouldn't be surprised if he backed out of the whole operation and insist on saving his pilot's wife if not Ziyal. But his daughter was more important for him than anything and her life most precious. It didn't mean that he'd stop caring about the unknown woman's fate in the slave camp, but he decided to go on with the plan, even after learning what a sad decision had been made to allow this to happen.

He couldn't forget easily the harsh words the pilot had said about Ziyal, but I wonder if he later realised that he had done exactly the same thing. He did chastise himself for that, but his first reaction was ugly. Maybe it also was the pilot's first reaction and he later, too, regretted his words. It did seem that his attitude changed a bit and he was softening each time his eyes were on the bundle in Dukat's arms.

In the end they arrived at the planet and Dukat can enjoy the relative freedom (relative, because as long as the Bajorans aren't gone it's not real freedom), but very sad news await him there. He doesn't know yet how true his last thought was.
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