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Re: Sigils and Unions: Catacombs of Oralius: "Flying Apart"

Thank you. And I hope they rescue her too. AU Dukat is normally a quiet man, but as you can see, finding out that another family was broken up so that he and his daughter could go home together was upsetting for him. It was too easy for him to imagine how that would feel. He knows the tactical reasons the Bajorans chose to do that, but it still bothers him, a lot.

There are some stories that were posted, I think, prior to your joining the board.

The first of these is "Exits in the Haze," which shows what happened during AU Dukat's captivity. Please note the disclaimer on that one. I think I did a fairly good job avoiding going too far with the details, though.

The next story, which shows what happened right after he got away from Vedek Tora, is "A Door to the Soul."

"Flying Apart" takes place next.

It is then followed by "The Guide," which changes POV's but continues the story.

However, I have not written the mission that got AU Dukat captured in the first place.

Feel free to PM with any comments on those stories, if you would like.
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