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Re: SONS OF ANARCHY tv series disscussions and comments


Where do I start?

The RICO operation came to a WTF! end. I think the Potter character is interesting, more interesting than Stahl. There are qualities in him that I find admirable and other qualities in him that make me loathe him. I knew he was going to screw up the Charming Heights project and I love his response to Hale asking him why he did it.

It turns out killing Laroy’s girlfriend is bringing in another major bad guy into SOA’s life. Like, the Sons don’t have enough
heat from law enforcement and the Cartel.

I love the scene between Jax and Clay. Tense and epic like I thought it was going to be. I think Clay was trying to tell
Jax that Gemma manipulated him into killing J.T. and that she was in on the murder. I wish he could have told Jax but Jax would probably have considered it as one of Clay’s many lies.

Chibs being the new Segerant-in-Arms. He deserves it but Tig isn’t too happy about it and I foresee some future conflict between him and Jax.

Tara is standing by Jax’s side as the new Gemma to his J.T. Gemma doesn’t seem happy with being replaced but to hell with her.

All Hail King Jax and Queen Tara!
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