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Re: Some science fiction "firsts"

Hey I forgot about this thread...this was one of my favorites ever....the reason behind it were two-fold: 1) Yes, SF can predict the future, though that's not it's true reason for being, it is interesting to take a look back how it parallels real scientific development. 2) A lot of the tech we think of as radical and brand new really WAS thought of a long time ago...but what is more fascinating is the accelerated growth of recent technology, it's redefining what we think of the future in more profound ways than sky cities, jet packs and floating cars. Now some of the tech we've seen from decades ago is being thought of on realistic terms, ie: suspended animation...probably would never work without nanotech after re-animation.

Here's something specific: Minority Report, the film version has some controlled motorways and guided transportation that are interlinked, these are low profile vehicles to save space. There are numerous versions of such guided traffic in real life speculation and SF, most notably might be the film "Designing the Future" sponsored by GM.

Another example would be I,Robot.

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