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Re: How I Met Your Mother: Barney and... (Spoilers ahead...)

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Update: Robin isn't pregnant, can't have kids and never does. It was a great fakeout episode with the kids we were supposed to believe were Robin and Barney's. It was an odd format too since the show is a story being told by Ted. Anyway, now we're back to wondering about the status of Robin and Barney. They might end up married with no kids or Barney might end up with someone else. I get the impression that when Barney does get married, it will have been a sudden decision.
There was a story a few weeks back where some one other than Bob Saggat was clearly narrating the story, and still the story cutaway into a scene of Teds kids spitaking after something ludicrous was said.

Very offputting and disjoint.

By the way...

Christmas or Chrismukkah?

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It's almost like the [producers needed a lame duck to prop up in front of the camera so that the actual stars in the cast, more so than of the show wouldn't mean girls themselves into a coma.
Guy, I think you need to get some sleep.
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Dougie Howser, The dad from Full house, the lesbian witch from Buffy and the giant goof from Freaks and Geeks are playing second fiddle to the unnamed Tour Guide from Not Another Teen Movie 1.

Not because Josh is better than them, but because they know that they are better than he is, these "celebrities" can humour his odd placement in the pecking order. If the producers actually put a nine hundred watt Star front and centre instead of a 40 watt like Josh Radnor, the E! True Hollywood Story of How I Met Your Mother would play out like MacBeth.
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