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Re: Avengers vs. The X-men Marvel's 2012 event *Spoilers*

Yeah honestly it just feels too much like a forced situation (I guess they're all forced situations) but even more so because of the upcoming Avengers movie. On the one hand, I like that the Avengers give a flying crap about what happens with the X-Men, on the other it sounds like Cap going all Jingo on Scott's team and just acting like a complete utter jackass, but being somehow "justified" with it. I know he's "in charge of the security of the free world" but I think ever since his return and his placement in the MU as a whole, he's become quite a bit more I won't even say arrogant, but I will, but more hawkish. It's nice to see that a lot of things many fans didn't agree with, Cap is calling their bullshit on - but he's been far too angry. It's almost like he's USAgent all of a sudden.

I sort of miss the slightly more naive and friendly Steve Rogers of old. I seriously believe Marvel needs to sort of... go back to the way it was. With a Nick Fury type in charge of SHIELD and all the dirty tricks it entails. Cap to lead the Avengers and not be the World's Top Cop. He's a soldier. Even the whole "Commander Rogers" thing was sort of... off. I'm glad he's Cap again... but I think after everything he's done and been through... man should at least be called Colonel America or something by now!

Of course after reading some of the latest stuff in the Marvel Digital Unlimited - and the shit fit he threw after finally finding about the "Illuminati" which was a secret group made up of Namor, Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Black Bolt, Professor X and Dr. Strange and basically all but wanting to throw the whole lot of 'em in prison for "daring" to keep the existance of their group a secret. I suppose really... he's got quite a bit in for anyone in Namor and Professor X's camp - even if Scott's doing his own thing - but if it involves some "Galactic level threat" - he's going to want the Avengers to weigh in - regardless how it turns out.

Why does it feel like we need a Chris Crocker like thing with like Scott under a bed sheet going "LEAVE THE PHOENIX ALONE! She didn't do anything... this time around!"
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