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Re: Frank Miller completely loses the plot

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Also, in order to truly discuss Miller's post, one must be able to discuss the OWS movement itself: it's goals, its tactics, its membership. All of which means that this entire thread can-and will-easily be about nothing but politics and current events. Are the mods prepared for, and willing to allow, that?
Apparantly yes. That surprises me for this forum.

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One doesn't have to be against corporations and capitalism to think that executives paying themselves bonusses at a time when other people's standars of living is failing is obscene
Particularly since a lot of it is money that they didn't earn. If these businesses were truly allowed to succeed or fail on their own, then it would be one thing. However, so many of them have gotten government bailouts, OUR money, yet we don't see a dime of benefit from it. I'm far from a Marxist, but considering how much public money has gone into these private corporations, I would say it's only fair that the people seize a portion of their assets for compensation.
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