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Re: Who would you want to play the captain in Trek series 6

So let's think of TV actors who could handle the role but not based on their performance in any space opera series...

Timothy Olyphant
Katie Sagal*
Bryan Cranston
Michael J. Hall
Jennifer Morrison**
Lance Reddick
Andrew Lincoln
Brian Austin Green
Esai Morales***

I could see Michael Emerson, Josh Holloway and Naveen Andrews in Star Trek, just not as the captain.

And if anyone been watching Pan Am (cue crickets), the entire crew could be transported to a Star Trek series, especially Christina Ricci and the guy who plays Ted. (Not seeing any of them as the captain, tho).

*Futurama doesn't count - I'm thinking of her SoA persona - Janeway would run and cry and hide under the bed.

**Yes, Kirk's mommy is captain material, based on her performance in Once Upon a Time. Maybe more natural as the space-pirate captain sort, tho.

***Mostly based on his role in Jericho. I dunno if you can legitimately call Caprica "space opera" anyway.
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