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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Phage 4
Eye of the Needle 7
Emanations 3
Prime Factors 7
State of Flux 6
Faces 5
Jetrel 6

So, based on my ratings, how do you think I will respond to the later seasons?
I think you'll probably hate watching this show? I've never seen someone give HARSHER scores than TheGodBen did in his "A hater revists Voyager thread" (here
Your reviews scores are also quite a lot lower than "Jammer" from who was also pretty harsh on the show. Your review scores seem comparable with sfdebris who hates the show, so at this rate, you probably will too!

It makes me wonder what kind of quality you're expecting exactly and what kind of scale you're using when you give an episode like "Phage" 4/10 and Faces "5/10".
Here's my scale:

10-9: Perfect, or near perfect. One of the best Star Trek episodes ever.
7-8: Great! Not as perfect as it could be, but nonetheless a very, very enjoyable episode. No real complaints.
5-6: Good. Not one of the best episodes ever, but very good. Some minor nitpicks or quibbles, but overall a fine, average episode.
3-4: Below Average. Some issues here and there that seriously affect my enjoyment of the episode, but also some redeeming qualities that make it worthwhile. Not bad, but not good either.
1-2: Poor. An episode full of schlock that's hardly worthwhile.

5 out of 10 looks bad on paper, but it really isn't a bad score according to my scale.

To give you an idea of rated other Trek seasons, here are my ratings for TNG season 7:

Descent P2 5
Liaisons 6
Interface 5
Gambit P1/2 8
Phantasms 5
Dark Page 3
Attached 6
Force of Nature 3
Inheritance 5
Parallels 9
The Pegasus 7
Homeward 5
Sub Rosa 4
Lower Decks 7
Thine Own Self 7
Masks 3
Eye of the Beholder 5
Genesis 4
Journey’s End 8
Firstborn 6
Bloodlines 4
Emergence 5
Preemptive Strike 9
All Good Things P1/2 9
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