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As long as we get some good Clark/Lex banter I will be all over this.
That's a definite advantage to a novel; it's not limited to cast availability the way the series is.

Despite never having watched Smallville until the finale, I'd be curious about a Smallville novel. I love BQM's run on Batgirl, and if his Smallville work is similar, I'd be interested.

I am a little disappointed that DC isn't taking a page from IDW (with Angel) and Dark Horse (with Buffy) and doing a "season 11" Smallville in comics. But I'm told that the Smallville comics published nearly a decade ago didn't sell well (the trade collection isn't even in print any longer), and even back in the 80s the Superboy tie-in comic wasn't much of a success. (One oddity with the Superboy comic, by the way -- DC didn't have likeness rights to the actors, so even though the stories took place in series continuity, the characters looked like their DCU equivalents.)
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