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Re: Does It Get Better???

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As for the ratings in the post above this one, how can season 6 and 4 have so high ratings? And why are the excellent seasons 2 and 3 in the bottom of the league?
Well let's just compare the first five episodes from S2, S3, S4 and S6

Episode 1:
The 37's vs Basics Part II vs Scorpion Part II vs Equinox Part II

S2 & S3: The 37's was implausible and frankly stupid and Basics Part II was a dreadful end to to the Kazon arc and a total anticlimax.
S4 & S6 Both Scorpion and Equinox Part II admittedly were inferior to their Part I, but they were miles ahead of the "37s".

Episode 2
Initiations vs Flashback vs The Gift vs Survival Instinct

S2 & S3: Inititations made me want to tear my hair out with boredom and Flashback was a complete mess that is embarrassing when compared to DS9' "Trials and Tribble-ations.
S4 & S6: I didn't want to see you know who go either, but I still feel "The Gift" was well written and emotional and kept my interest unlike "Initiations". Likewise "Survival Instinct" had an emotional story to tell and it was well written, interesting and had a satisfying conclusion unlike its season 3 counterpart "Flashback".

Episode 3
Projections vs The Chute vs Day of Honor vs Barge of the Dead

S2 & S3: I would classify both these episodes as good actually, I enjoyed them both very much
S4 & S6: "Day of Honor" is nothing very special, equally as good as the "Chute" and probably just a bit less good than "Projections". "Barge of the Dead" however is my 2nd favorite Trek episode of all time, no Voyager episode compares with it for me

Episode 4
Elogium vs The Swarm vs Nemesis vs Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy

S2 & S3: Both episodes were fairly mediocre to me. "Elogium" had Kes which is always a plus for me, but the writing just wasn't that great. And "The Swarm" had a faceless, boring enemy and techno-babble laden subplot. Not thrilling stuff
S4 & S6: "Nemesis" wasn't streets ahead of "The Swarm" but "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy" was one of the most creative and funny comedy Trek episodes ever and blows the rest out of the water

Episode 5
Non Sequitur vs False Profits vs Revulsion vs Alice

S2 & S3: "Non Sequitur was mediocre", but "False Profits" was just abysmal on every level.
S4 & S6: Not great episodes here either, but both episodes are still superior to the painfully unfunny "False Profits" and bland "Non Sequitur"

So yeah, overall I think that Season 2 and Season 3 were outclassed by quite a bit by Season 4 and Season 6 in terms of writing. I don't necessarily think Season 2 and Season 3 were full of TERRIBLE episodes, but there was a lot of mediocrity, albeit watchable mediocrity, going on there.
And besides that, as I said, I do appreciate S2 and S3 a bit more than my analysis may show, as I liked the atmosphere/balanced characterization of them more than later seasons.

AdmiralScreed wrote: View Post
Phage 4
Eye of the Needle 7
Emanations 3
Prime Factors 7
State of Flux 6
Faces 5
Jetrel 6

So, based on my ratings, how do you think I will respond to the later seasons?
I think you'll probably hate watching this show? I've never seen someone give HARSHER scores than TheGodBen did in his "A hater revists Voyager thread" (here
Your reviews scores are also quite a lot lower than "Jammer" from who was also pretty harsh on the show. Your review scores seem comparable with sfdebris who hates the show, so at this rate, you probably will too!

It makes me wonder what kind of quality you're expecting exactly and what kind of scale you're using when you give an episode like "Phage" 4/10 and Faces "5/10".
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