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Re: Intrepid class VS a galaxy class, which was more powerful and adva

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The Defiants proximity to the JemHadaar ships was of little consequence.
Phasers have a maximum effective range of 300 000 km
These two statements counterdict each other. If phaser emissions don't lose power over distance, then there wouldn't be a maximum effective range of only a single light second.
They do not contradict each other. I said the maximum effective range of phasers is 1 light second.
And you also said that Defiant being close to the Jem'Hadar ship when it fired, delivered to the Starfleet vessel little advantage.

A phaser beam having a maximum range of only 300,000 kilometres, as opposed to more distance, means that the beam ceases to be a effective weapon upon exceeding that distance. It's no longer effective enough to reasonable be expected to damage it's target. In normal space, the beam would continue, it would not simply stop dead at 300,000 kilometres.

Conclusion, the sooner the beam strikes it's target, the more effective (and powerful) it will be.

Starships firing from a "point blank" distance of only a few kilometres or tens of kilometers, would serve the purpose of not allowing the phaser beam to begin the process of losing effectiveness. The Defiant's proximity to the Jem'Hadar vessels was of considerable consequence. It permitted the Defiant to do something that it wouldn't necessarily have been able to do from maximum range, damage and destroy the enemy.

Just because we've seen ships within spitting distance to one another demonstrates idiocy of the VFX department in an attempt to make things look 'cool'.
Unlike the contents of tech manuals, starships being "within spitting distance to one another" is a matter of canon, and the fact they do so has to be taken into account.

Vulcans refer to this as a'Tha
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