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Re: Prometheus: Ridley Scott returns to Sci-Fi

I've been avoiding all these synopsis and plot releases, whether they be real or fake, trying to go into it as open as possible. I already have 20 years of my own hypotheticals, you know.

The leaked trailer is indeed so tantalizing and yet full of crap. You can hardly see anything, the grammar errors. Hopefully we will get the real thing soon, please, please!

Back to Blade Runner for a moment. Why would MF's hair need to be died that horrible bleach blonde unless it was to akin him to the Batty series of Replicants? They worked on ships and mining in the outer worlds, which shoulds like Prometheus is going to have some ship out in the middle of nowhere snooping around LV-426. Why can't he be one of them?

Although, they are making no secret he is an android, which sort of reduces the odds he's going to be the surprise evil synthetic. My only other theory would be that Theron is also a robot, the surprise bad one, and MF's hair is blonde to match hers.

So many possibilities! I really hope Scott did right here. And oh, before I forget re Weylan Yutani, don't they also make an appearance in Soldier, which was akinned to at least being in the same universe as Blade Runner?
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