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Re: Does It Get Better???

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One thing I can say is avoid the episode Threshold at all costs. It will make your head explode. It started off ok and then went very, very wrong.

Voyager's ratio of good to bad episodes is definitely below 50% but there are some good to great episodes scattered thruout it's run. Some of my Voyager favorites are Relativity, Distant Origin, Dreadnaught, Message in a Bottle, Drone, Timeless, Dragon's Teeth along with Year of Hell which should have been how the ship looked after a few years lost in space, kind of like starship Equinox from the Equinox episode.
I have to disagree here. "Threshold" is actually funny in som places if the Admiral Screed consider the possibility that the events in it never happened.

Admiral Screed will understand what I mean after watching it, then I will come up with a more detailed theory about it.

The only episode that should be avoided at all costs is "Fury". Stupid, mean, insulting and a disgrace for everything Star Trek.

As for the ratings in the post above this one, how can season 6 and 4 have so high ratings? And why are the excellent seasons 2 and 3 in the bottom of the league?

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