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Re: What SF/F Book Are you Reading? .. Redux

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Finished re-reading Simak's City for the first time in over 20 years, and was again stunned at its power and depth. There are few future histories as simultaneously entrancing and disquieting as these tales of evolution and loss. Man leaving Earth to become aliens [or succumbing to ennui] and dogs striving to build a new world without killing and war -- and whether there is any hope for humanity to overcome its essential violence and inhumanity. Mutation, philosophical breakthroughs that can transform a society overnight, alternate universes, putting human [and canine] consciousness in alien bodies, robots of uncommon humanity and vision... this one has it all and more. Mournful, even elegiac at times, it reflects the postwar idea that perhaps humans had come about as far as their innate limitations and bloodlust would be able to take them.
I got "The Trouble with Ants" as part of a collection called "The Last Man on Earth", years and years ago. It seemed weird. Later I ran across "Epilog" in another collection and realized that it was a series of stories. I eventually ran across the collected "City" and picked it up, although I haven't read it in a while.

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Iceworld by Hal Clement. It's a fun book and it's nice to have humans be the Aliens once in awhile!
I have Clement's "Cycle of Fire" and re-read that earlier this year. Quite a bit of the same theme there, too.

Kegg wrote: View Post
Finished up Zoe's Tale and thus the Old Man's War novel series. Moved on to David Brin's Sundiver (and thus the Uplift series), and so far this book's been doing a good job of holding my attention and throwing out some odd stuff. The concept of Uplift - species raising other species to sapience across the universe, and humanity as the only known example of a species which raises ourselves (although we've been helping chimps and dolphins) is just a really cool premise, and would be more than enough to hang a novel on - but Sundiver seems to have more going on than just that. Think I'm gonna enjoy this overall.
I've had "Sundiver" sitting on my "maybe" shelf forever, but had a tough time getting into it. Finally a few weeks ago I decided to skim the book and see if could grab me that way. It did. Now I'll have to sit down and read the whole thing, although I realize I've been spoiled on most of the developments.
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