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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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I never liked Margot Kidder, not physically and her raspy chain-smoking voice was a big turn off. What's-her-name from Returns while making some of the physical requirement for Lois was just... bland. But pretty much everyone and everything in that movie was bland.
Margot Kidder was a major turn off for me for the very reasons you mentioned.
Oh man, me too. It always galled me that so much else about that first Superman was perfect (it's still my all-time favorite movie, even with Kidder), except for that one piece of miscasting. Never could imagine what Superman saw in her.

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The only other Lois I have liked from any live action version of Superman was the gal that played her on Smallville.
Thus far, my favorite Lois of all.

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Apparently IIRC Kate Bosworth was cast precisely because Singer felt she had the most connection and chemistry with Brandon.
Wow, then everybody else who read with him must have been terrible. I didn't think they had any chemistry whatsoever, one of the biggest problems with that movie.

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I think it really depends on how old you want to make Clark. I know this has been part of the discussion, but all of my life I've always been under the impression that Lois was at least four or five years older than Clark. I mean she would almost have to be, considering her position at the Planet when Clark starts, that's not to say that Clark couldn't have out and about for a while. Still, I have always thought Lois was older.
I can't find my copy of Michael Fleischer's Superman Encyclopedia at the moment, but I seem to remember that as of its writing (sometime in the mid-70s, I believe), Lois had indeed been established as being one or two years older than Clark.
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