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Task Force 11, the Vanguards!

Task Force 11

It's an ever growing fleet, constantly evolving and adapting to accommodate the varying needs of Starfleet and the Federation.

Established in the Galactic South of known Federation space, the 11th Fleet, codenamed Pegasus Fleet, has been recommissioned to serve as a vigilant presence along the borders of the Klingon Empire, Tholian Assembly, Gorn Hegemony and Metron Consortium.

They're tasked with maintaining the Galactic South's safety and security for all Federation members while also continuing to push forward with the exploration and scientific discovery of the Federation exploratory frontier, maintaining the fundamental principles of the Federations founding, peaceful exploration and discovery.

In this growing fleet, enlistment is an absolute necessity. Pegasus Fleet is comprised of 14 starships seeking recruits to assume the roles and responsibilities of a plethora of different career opportunities. Whether you're an Officer of the Line or a Non-commissioned Officer, the 11th Fleet needs your skills and expertise in the field.

Although far from the Sol System, there is no doubt that you'll receive the necessary attention you deserve from your superior officers and fellow peers. Your career as a Starfleet crewman will be cultivated to the highest grade so that you too can one day join the ranks of its Commanding Officers. We have the resources and experience to help you achieve ultimate success and with a wide-range of different duty stations available to you, from exploratory cruisers, to defense escorts, to planet-based colonies, we're certain you'll find just the right fit in any of our 14 active duty-stations.

Proceed to your nearest Recruitment Center to learn more about the career opportunities and fantastic benefits available to you. Or, contact to get in touch with one of our dedicated Recruitment Technicians.

Don't wait for tomorrow, join the Vanguards today!
There is no fleet like Pegasus Fleet!
Got a question about Pegasus Fleet? Ask away =]
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