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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I agree; and now they're going to have a new giant rush of players in just over a month, and if they can't give them middle-tier content to slow them down, it won't gain them anything. They'll get a big influx of capital to make a lot of content, but how will they get a third wave to go through it?
Good question. Probably the sort of thing they should have been thinking about when they spent the past 9 months or so not releasing new content. Seems like on the forums when people complain about the C-Store, it's been made clear that there are different groups/skillsets that make C-Store items, episodes, underlying coding structure, etc. So what have the episode-creation type-people been up to for the past year? Believe they list writers and whatnot on the staff, what have they been up to?

Obviously before F2P goes live would have been the time to try and fix this. Once that group goes through it (and spends that money), doesn't seem like there's much of a plan to get people to start over on the 3rd wave, like you said. If they were going to fix the underlying structure, now would have been the time...
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