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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Well now that my new main alt is leved to the top I can start saving up ECs to get some extras being sold on the exchange as well as using my dilithium for high end gear plus I don't have to trade my soverign in for a new ship unless I see one I really want, and seeing as I managed to get most of the VA ships on the C-store it won't cost dilithium to change and the new skill system makes changing ships easier.

Now I only have one major issue to decide on.

Should I just ignore the text in the boxs and stay captain, or go Admiral?
Captain all the way! XD
Well I have been leaning towards captain, otherwise I'm and Admiral getting ordered around by Captain Sulu (still have patroles on the Klingon front), and the Captain running DS9 which is kind of wierd.
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