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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Michael Shannon briefly talks about "Man of Steel".
Kinda bummed to hear about the lack of wire work. I know it was to be expected, this being a Zack Snyder film, but I was still hoping to see a return of those graceful takeoffs and landings that we saw in the Reeve movies.

There was something so simple and truly magical about seeing a guy actually hanging in the air, that no CG effect has ever been able to duplicate. In fact, after all these years, it's still easily my favorite special effect in any superhero movie-- just Reeve on some freakin wires.
Well, he did say:

From time to time I'm in a harness, but I don't think anywhere near as much as he [Terence Stamp] was.
It's only to be expected that in a 2011 movie there'll be less wire work than in one from over 30 years earlier but there will clearly be some.
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