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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

That would be good, if they slowed it down to that level (by giving lower ranks things to actually DO to soak up that time, instead of just grinding exploration missions while you get enough XP).

By your scale, that's 225 hours of gameplay. More than enough to keep anyone out of trouble, even keep grinders busy a little while, and it would ensure a nice spread rank structure.

With Q weekends, XP boosts, and not nearly that much content, though, even the developers admit you can hit endgame in a weekend of stready play, if you really go at it. Believe the quote involved a weekend and a case of redbull? Heck, on this page alone, we've got Hartzilla admitting he took a new toon all the way to VA this weekend, so clearly they didn't hit the 225 hour goal there.

Would have been nice if they had gone slower from the beginning, (you're only an ensign for like 5 minutes, and out of Lt before you're out of sight of Sol), but they started with what they had, so there's a ton of people at endgame, without that being all that well thought out. haven't replayed the STFs yet, but not a huge fan of the massively grindy new format, where it could take hundreds of runs to get a set of gear. Problem is that they DIDN'T slow the game down originally, so now they have to spend a lot of time (or should, anyway) focusing on endgame, because so many subscribers have a toon at that level, and want something to DO with that toon.

Would be good if the next big "season" push involved adding a ton more early/mid-level content, and slowing WAY down on the XP awarded (or increasing the requirements per rank, either way). Make it take a while to earn a rank, get a new ship, etc, rather than going through a couple per session...

Curious to see an estimate of "Actual" hours it takes to go from new character to endgame as currently set up. If industry statistics indicate that the average subscriber (or free player, now) will play 20 hours a week or so, I'd be willing to bet that if they maintained those rates of play (they seem skewed towards the heavy gamer, rather than the casual player), they'd have beaten the entire game at least once before they had to pay for a 2nd month of subscription. No way there's more than 80 hours of game play before you reach endgame. Probably not even after you've run all the old STFs a couple times, unless you got a bugged version and had to keep starting over. The game's then forced to rely on endgame content and PvP, which aren't STO's strong suits. Not a real good business plan.
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