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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

to NCC-1701.

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Like others have said, my biggest problem with Sanctuary is that the Skreeans act like spoiled children. And why are they so convinced that Bajor is Kentanna anyway? For all they know, Draylon II could be it. After all, isn't it also on the "other side of the Eye of the Universe"? I mean, jeez, even Bajoran prophecies are more open to interpretation.
I don't necessarily disagree, but I always thought the Skreean characterization was quite clever, for a given value of "clever", and that they were supposed to be rather unreasonable. If we look at how the male Skreean act - stubborn, difficult to control, bickering over petty matters - I think you can carry some of it over to the females, who are after all the same species and culture, only more level-headed and self-controlled, presumably due to their lacking whatever hormonal mix causes the males to be so troublesome. That and they have greater responsibilities, and clearly take them seriously. The females are quite stubborn and petty too, only in a different (more elevated?) way. Once they've gotten an idea or a desire, they seem dedicated to keeping it, and rather belligerant and abrasive when someone then tells them they can't have it. Similar to the males grabbing at shop displays and trinkets and refusing to put them down again. Only the females do it with matters of actual importance given their more expansive worldview, greater responsibilities, and heightened levels of self-control. They do it with homelands and prophecies rather than with ornaments and shop displays. I liked that because it seemed convincing that the two sexes were the same species, the same society, with similar cultural and psychological traits, only expressed in different ways due to their differing biologies and social roles.

While the episode isn't too popular, I'd have liked it if the Skreea turned up again, in minor roles - as advisors on the Dominion, perhaps? (though I'm not sure how much they really know; at the very least they might offer some pointers on where to find out more?)
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