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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

94. Kiki's Delivery Service - B+. Continuing my acquaintance with Miyazaki's back catalogue. Cute movie. Has an optimisitic tone that doesn't bother me in the way that some of the Disney movies bother me.

95. Jurassic Park (rewatch) - B+. Excellent Blu-ray transfer. Grainy yes, but that's how it was shot. Great DTS track. I find the last 1/3rd of the movie kind of tedious on rewatches.

96. Tron (rewatch) - A. Somehow this movie always surprises me. I mean I know what it looks like, but then I watch whatever new version comes out and I'm always impressed that it looks better than I remembered it. Great Blu-ray transfer. Not much of a story I guess but as a spectacle and a film with a truly unique look it's very successful.

97. The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Bear - C. Random animation buy I made off of Amazon. A french film from the same studio that made The Triplets of Belleville (but nothing at all like that movie). The DVD is fraught with transfer problems and bad de-teleclining. From the title I was expecting something whimsical, but this is actually pretty grim and not a whole lot of fun. The one good thing going for it is the watercolor backgrounds.

98. Jackie Brown (rewatch) - B. Watched this one a couple of weeks ago but forgot to review. Probably the most interesting thing about this movie is how some of scenes communicate their point non-verbally. Lots of long close-ups illustrating the character's emotional state (usually Jackie). Good caper film with some interesting cinematography. Not as much in common with Pulp Fiction as I remembered, except for Samuel Jackson who plays a very Samuel Jackson-esque character.

99. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind - A. More Miyazaki, and at present the only one on Blu-ray (other than Ponyo). Very good. Imaginative creature design and a memorable fantasy world.
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