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Re: Re-booting TNG For TV?

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If Trek was ailing, it wasn't TOS that was killing it, but was rather the only thing that was keeping it alive. Failing that, now it's got to worry about keeping itself alive. It was the failure to live up to the ratings TNG recieved as inspired by TOS that was killing it. Seeing the forest through the trees takes vision.
I have no idea what this means.

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I could never understand why JJ Abrams couldn't have done a continuation instead of a alternate universe TOS movie?
Probably because after the relative success of First Contact each continuation movie made less money than the one that had gobe before it. INS made less than FC, NEM made less than INS. The mainstream cinema-goer, whose attendance is needed to make a movie a hit, didn't care about seeing what happened next in the 24th or 25th centuries.
Pity I am not mainstream person.
Well, if you'd gone to see INS and NEM a million times, then maybe they'd have made enough money to warrant more 24th century Trek.

But you didn't and neither did the mainstream cinema-goer (what precisely is a mainstream person?) and thus they didn't get sequels.
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