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Re: Finally have time to start watching nuWho!

Well I finally got some time -- watched "The Empty Child", "The Doctor Dances", "Boom Town", "Bad Wolf" and "The Parting of the Ways" this weekend to wrap up the Eccleston era.

Good grief but he was awesome as the Doctor, a tiger indeed and delightfully goofy at the same time. I like Capt. Jack a lot, hope he's around for a while. [nice of Rose to revive him lol] CE was great as both the manic and the deadly Doctor, which is not easy... Rose floating through the Blitz on a barrage balloon was over-the-top but a really funny idea, and even across the pond I got the joke about the Doc not paying his license fee ... I liked that the finale brought it back to "The Long Game" and deepened it as originally that was my least favorite story of the season -- now, of course, I see that the fact that it came after "Dalek" was no coincidence. Also liked the way "Boom Town" followed up on "The Aliens of London" and "WW Three" as well, giving that story some more punch and telling me not to judge an ep before some time has gone by and seeing how it fits in. I called Rose's union w/the TARDIS as the way back to the future, and it's cool having it be a character in and of itself, as it were. Not sure what my favorite ep was, probably "The Doctor Dances"...

Now that I'm going again, hopefully more progress soon!
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