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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Well I started this weekend by making a new alt named Taylor starting out at ensign and now I'm proud to say I just hit VA with him. Finally I have two VA characters.

And the best part since the Q weekend let me do it with only finishing all the story and patrol missions in sirius and regulus I now get to do the rest of the game without having to trade in my ship or equipment.
I managed the same (recreating my Tribble toon on Holodeck to be my new primary, since I got a good handle on the play style with her), and reached VA right at the end of my session yesterday. I wanted to get to VA before the Doomsday mission (so I wouldn't have to redo it straight after for Hargh'peng mk XI), and managed to run a few Cardassian patrols for 1000 XP per to cross the line. Now I can run STFs and Dilithium missions to get the equipment I had on Tribble, and use the scaling rewards where needed.

I think my /played time at level up was about 20 hours (and one of those was spent doing the SFA event!). A bit mad, it is.
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