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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

188. Sleeping Beauty [2011] (C)

After some deliberations I have to express profound ambivalence about Julia Leigh's Sleeping Beauty. The lead character is too much of a cipher and the narrative is too fond of rambling ellipses for me to come away with much of anything besides a distaste of old men and an appreciation of the film's performances and cinematography (The film's use of long takes that often look like portraits is truly gorgeous). I am happy to report that the movie is never exploitative; despite being filled with nudity, it's never very sexy. Still, too many of the main character's relationships are left unexplained. It's a pretty, but empty movie.

Not sure if I'll reach 200 films this year, although I'm heading to my parents for winter break and may manage a slew of films before the end of the year.

RE: Kate Hudson -- it's a shame The Killer Inside Me wasn't more worthwhile. She's managed to pick a mix of projects that looked terrible from the outset and movies that fell apart in the process.

RE: Scott Pilgrim -- Heresy, indeed! One of my favorite films of 2010.
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