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Re: Does It Get Better???

I did some rankings of the episodes by categorizing each episode either "Excellent", "Good", "Mediocre" or "Poor"

These are my findings

Seasons ranked by highest percentage of episodes classed as "good" or "excellent"

Season 4 (75%)
Season 1 (67%)
Season 6 (65%)
Season 5 (61%)
Season 7 (59%)
Season 2 (50%)
Season 3 (37%)

Proportion of Excellent/Good episodes to Poor/Mediocre episodes

59% to 41%

If we break that down
Seasons 1- 3 proportion: 49/51
Seasons 4-7 proportion: 64/36

So if you share my tastes (although I would class "Emanations" as good and "Prime Factors" as excellent, so you may be a little harsher in your evaluations) then you're going to find it gets worse before its gets better in terms of the quality of individual episodes. But there is another factor, since the *feel* of seasons 1-3 and seasons 4-7 are different. Which atmosphere/feel you prefer can also influence you. I liked the atmosphere of seasons 1-3 a bit better than the later seasons, there was more warmth to them so I like season 2 and 3 a bit more than my list may suggest.
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