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Re: Intrepid class VS a galaxy class, which was more powerful and adva

Deks wrote: View Post
1. We have no concrete evidence that suggests a larger ship would have 'more shield generators'.
it might be more accurate to say the Enterprise possesses more shield capacity, owing to it's large size and the need to enclose it.

2. Large warp core doesn't equate 'more power'.
A ships warp core is it's energy source, it's engine. All things being equal, a physically larger engine denotes more ability to generation power.

It could though mean that the Galaxy class can go on for 5 years without refilling
But that's not the warp core, that would be the antimatter storage or bottles, which are separate.

The Defiants proximity to the JemHadaar ships was of little consequence.
Phasers have a maximum effective range of 300 000 km
These two statements counterdict each other. If phaser emissions don't lose power over distance, then there wouldn't be a maximum effective range of only a single light second.

EmperorTiberius wrote: View Post
3. Longer phaser arrays with more space inside to house the supporting equipment
The phaser array isn't just what you see running along the outside of the hull. There would be a internal mechanism extending down into the ship. Regardless of the length of the strip, Voyager has less internal volume to have the same size mechanism as the Enterprise.

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