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Re: Carolling and other defunct traditions?

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I don't really understand why people get so worked up over Christmas music. It's kind of childish, I think, to complain so much about it. Shops and radio stations have the right to play whatever music they like...except in the case of the poor person who lived across the Christmas market and had to hear it 24/7 out his/her own window, it's not like you're forced to listen to it in your own home. I don't bitch and moan when I walk into a shop that's playing smooth "jazz" or some other such rubbish.

Personally, I love Christmas music. I'm listening to it right now, as a matter of fact. And I'm not even Christian! I also recall caroling as a child, with my girl scout troupe and sometimes with my family (though they aren't Christian either, we all just enjoy the holiday).
For me, I just don't like it. As I said, I've heard some wonderful performances, I still roll my eyes and think "oh for fuck's sake". Can't explain, always been that way.

The other thing is that, at least in stores, comes off a bit pushy. Like stores are just driving it home over and over that this there is this time of year coming up where you're expected to spend money on presents (which for the kids and wife, it doesn't bother me but any one else: fuck you, you're lucky to get a card in the mail) and make nice with family that you never talk to the rest of the year or if you do talk them you don't get along with them but you have to been nice cause "It's the holiday season"

I think a lot of MY issue is that as I've gotten older, and I've had my own kids, the overt commercialism and missed messages of this time of year sort makes me pause more than they used it.
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