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Project Vanguard/Tenth Fleet Writing Group

Hey Fellow Trek Simmers, big changes upcoming in Vanguard. Although the forum activity doesn't really show it right now, we've got several things cooking. Firstly, we're making the transition from a focused, Post Nemesis group to a site that offers Trek RPGs in several different Eras. With the exception of the Project Vanguard portion of the site and Starbase Pacifica, a sim set in 2346, everything else is in the brainstorming/developmental stages. As always, we are looking for writers to come and enjoy a no hassle writing environment and community based around the Star Trek Universe. Below you'll find a report of what's going on and how things are shaping up. Hopefully you'll find something that intrigues you enough to check us out.

In addition, if you have a sim that you're looking to start up, or one that you're looking to place somewhere, Vanguard/Tenth fleet is definitely a place to look at. Having been involved in simming since 2004 in various places, I have and am trying to take all of the best attributes of several top sites and use them to make this community something special.

If you are a CO, here are some things worth noting that we have to offer.

- No website neccesary - Some people like having their own website. Some don't. We don't require that you have one for your sim, but we'll provide graphics, advertising space, forum space, and whatever else we can should you decide to go that route. I am currently constructing a sim site template within the wikidot main site that ought to perform the same function as a Nova or SMS site. And if you don't want to create your own website, we have a community application process and forum space for you to simply do what most people want to do anyway. Just write some Trek!

- No hassle Simming - Want to write as an Admiral? No problem. We don't have a "Command Structure" in VG/10th Fleet. No Fleet commanders.. no TFCOs... no reports.. no JAG, none of that. Every sim leader is his own boss. Your sim belongs to you and the people who play on it. there's no huge application to fill out or a "command School" to go to. What we DO have is an environment where you can come and join up with an exsisting sim and play a character or come and create your own game. We have a site and some forums and some people. And really, that's all you need. "Well what if simmer A and Simmer B have an argument? Or what is Sim A does something that's not canon? Or what if.....?

Look, most drama that happens on Trek sites can be attributed to one or two things. squabbles over canon or squabbles that result from site politics. Well since there is no OOC rank structure, there are NO politics. And in VG/10th Fleet, your sim's story IS it's canon. So basically if another ship wants to blow up Earth, Vulcan, Romulus, and the Easter bunny and have the Tribble Revolution overthrow the Klingons, then that's cool. And it doesn't affect your sim or your character at all. Project Vanguard was an idea thought up by myself and two other guys. It's a story set in the Gamma Quadrant in the Post Nemesis timeline. Want to play there? Cool. Want to play a post Nemesis ship in the Alpha Quadrant in a reality in which VG doesn't even exist? Cool. We've got room for you. Don't let the name on the website right now fool you.

Post Nemesis Roleplaying
The Zulu Sector is an area of space in the Gamma Quadrant that is home to dozens of species. It's a densely populated area that remains largely unexplored by the Federation. This is about to change. The 10th Expeditionary Fleet, commanded by Admiral Garen Tal of Trill has been assigned to explore the region and set up a base of operations. The Chara Confederacy, led by the Allixi are wary of the Federation's presence. One of the member races however, the outgoing Arielians have allowed Starfleet to set up an outpost in their area of space. A nomadic group of traders lacking the powerful ships of their Chara brethren, they have much to gain from a strong Starfleet presence in the area.

In addition to the Allixi and the Arielians, there are dozens of other races in the sector, many of them pre warp. Starfleet's mandate here is to explore, and establish good relations with the Chara Confederacy and the other unaligned people in the region.

Lost Eras - Pre TNG Roleplaying

The Tenth Fleet's most active sim at the moment is a Starbase set in the Pacifica Sector in 2346, two year after the Enterprise-C was destroyed at Narendra III. Set among the Klingons, Tholians, Pacificans, and Romulans, Pacifica is a hub for all activity in the region. With 6 members alreay Pacifica is Tenth Fleet's fastest growing sim.

TOS-TMP Era Roleplaying -

The beginning years of Starfleet's "Golden Age". Enterprise sits in drydock above San Francisco undergoing a two year refit, along with most of the other twelve Constitution Class vessels in the fleet. Newer, smaller ships like the Abbe Class and the Miranda Class are tasked with the bulk of Starfleet's missions. Currently in development is the USS Crusader, an Abbe Class Torpedo boat set in the year 2272. The Crusader is still in the brainstorming stages. Looking to get in one a sim frm the ground up? Check out Crusader on the 10th Fleet forums under VG003.

TOS Movie Era Roleplaying -

Currently in development is the USS Endurance, a Miranda Class frigate set in 2311. In the years following Praxis, Starfleet has undertaken a massive humanitarian aid project aimed at fostering better relations with the Klingons and helping them to recover from the disaster. This has had the effect of rendering the Klingons agreeable to Federation exploration efforts beyond their borders. But what happens to the outpost when the Klingons renig? Check out the USS Endurance and find out! Endurance is also in development so you'd be getting in on the beginning of the sim with many positions available!


One of the above sims catch your interest? Or are you looking to get something started yourself? Either way, check out the Tenth Fleet Writing group today!

or you can hit me up at

AIM - swagger456

Thanks for reading! Hope to write with you soon!
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