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Re: Carolling and other defunct traditions?

I really can't see being in a "Christmas music mood" unless, well, there's something Christmasy going on. Having a Christmas party? Sure. Are you decorating the tree or wrapping gifts? Sure.

Is it snowing outside and you're making a cup of hot-chocolate and you want to just curl up with a nice book? Great!

Is it 40-degrees outside and you're driving home from work as it's getting dark at 5 in the afternoon? Not exactly a Christmas-music time.

What's annoying is that working a grocery store they turn the Muzak system onto the Christmas music one so I get to hear it pretty much all day long every day of my life between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Ugh. At least this year it's on a somewhat decent station, in the past they've had on a somewhat "secular" station that doesn't play the songs more centered around the religious aspects of the holiday but more of the festive songs.

I like songs like "The Little Drummer Boy", "Silent Night" and "Do You Hear What I Hear?" I like the festive stuff too, but considering the nature of this holiday hearing the more religious-themed stuff is nice, besides it means there's more of a song selection so the likelihood I'll hear the same song twice in a day goes down.
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