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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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(And even though things have changed, are a person's property rights suddenly null and void?)
Are human lives more important than property rights? Yes. Rick would have been justified telling Herschel, too bad, old man, my people are staying right here. If I had been Rick, I would have said exactly that. And I would have stuck a gun in his face to make sure he got the point.

If Hershel had booted them off the farm, he would be exposing living people to danger in order to save dead people who as far as we know are unsaveable. The gang would not all have been able to bring themselves to leave the area, thinking Sophia was still in the woods. They would have split up, endangering everyone even more, especially those who keep combing the woods.

How long would it take for Darryl and Carol to give up? Most likely, they would have stuck with it until the zombies got them. It would only be a matter of time. Is it worth sacrificing their lives for Herschel's fucking property rights?

(And I'm assuming Herschel didn't realize there was a little girl zombie recently put in the barn - by Otis? But why would Otis be out zombie-catching on his own? One of the others would have been with him. If Herschel knew that girl most likely was the one everyone was searching for, it's absolutely unconscienable for him to have said nothing, and allow them to continue to expose themselves to danger for no reason. Darryl almost died!)

However, the writers have positioned Shane to be "right" only by dumb luck. When he started towards the barn, I honestly was thinking, Zombie Lunch! It could very well have turned out disasterously. Shane was acting like an out-of-control lunatic.

The fact that he was out of control, not the fact that he was willing to do anything he needed to safeguard Lori, Carl and Lori's unborn baby (if not the rest), is where the problem with him lies.

So basically, in that situation, I'd be Shane, but a whole hell of a lot more self-controlled. The group desperately needs a leader like that.
Lots of valid points. But the thing I like is that Shane was right about the big picture. His first reaction upon learning about the barn: "We clear it out or we go." That's spot on. Anything in between is ultimately going to be a fiasco, as we saw. Far from being a complete nut, Shane offers the leader a choice; Rick refuses to make one while clearly wanting to stay. Humoring Hershel is a half measure when full measures are needed, to quote Breaking Bad.

It's the half measures that caused the end. Would Shane have been so out of control about it absent that surreal moment with Rick and Hershel walking their walkers? Absent arguing with people he thinks have completely lost it? Probably not. Half measures made it worse.

Shane and Rick kind of remind me of Kirk split in two on the original Star Trek. Rick has the inner strength the group needs to sustain itself, but he's vacillating and indecisive. Shane has decisiveness in spades, but he doesn't have control of himself deep down.
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