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Re: Carolling and other defunct traditions?

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Many folks still use the holidays as something of an excuse for excessive drinking and "revelry," but people pretty much don't go around singing in the streets in exchange for food and drink from their neighbours anymore (to the best of my knowledge).
You should probably add the words "where I live." to the end of that sentence.
Indeed. I've no idea -obviously- what it was like back in the ye olde goode dayf but I know my own experiences.

I've never experienced the old 1950s style caroling where people go up and down Chestnut street and sing in front of houses. Given the layouts of neighborhoods these days the dubious safety of many areas not to mention just the general lack of neighborly get-along-idness in the same vain as was probably around two-thirds of a century ago.

But caroling still happens, you just have to go to community gathering areas. If there's an outdoor mall/plaza where you live that's a relatively safe environment then I can assure you caroling will occur there sometimes over the next month or so, probably depending on your locale's weather and Christmasy-atmosphere it has.

I've seen it in an area known for it's Christmas decorations and lights that's a heavily trafficked shopping area and I've done it in that area.
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