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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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AIDS was similar to the zombie plague in the beginning -- when you had the virus, it WAS a death sentence. But drugs were developed so that people like Magic Johnson could celebrate 20 years of living despite the death sentence.

How unrealistic would be for Hershel to have that same hope in mind?
And, in fact, Hershel mentioned AIDS and AIDS hysteria very early on when discussing the plague with Rick.
But he said the walkers in the barn could be "restored." Finding a cure for an infectious disease might be realistic, bringing half-rotted corpses back to life is pretty clearly not.
I understand that. I wasn't saying Hershel was right. I'm just saying that argument, however deluded, was established to be running through his mind.

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Watch Panic in the Year Zero, a dated film from I think the 50's but the point is also evident in Tom Cruises War of the Worlds, the weak, the soft will be left behind or put into tow with the strong.
Mankind is still an animal, we just pretend we are above such things, and when push comes to shove I'm sorry but The Joker in TDK is right. He just didn't push enough.
Thankfully, this show has so far been about people hanging on to their Humanity in the face of a dehumanizing apocalypse. That's what has made it great, and hopefully that's how it will continue.
Yeah. I understand what probably WOULD happen. But that doesn't mean I approve or advocate that it SHOULD happen.
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