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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Season 3 had "Remember", "Unity", "Before and After", "Real Life", "Distant Origin" and "Scorpion" which were all of a high quality imo. Its just unfortunate that the rest of the episodes aren't all just mediocre or OK but a good chunk are just plain bad.
Oh yeah, Unity was one of my favorites. The later episodes of season 3 did get a little better, especially the ones where they started to introduce the Borg.

Future's End wasn't as great of an episode as it was a fun episode. Why I recommend it is because it's one of the most important episodes to Voyager's continuity, because it brings in the portable holo-emitter.

Really when you think of it, only three things of consequence happened in Voyager before the end:

1. The Kazon arc (which ended somewhat anticlimactically)
2. Getting the portable emitter and introducing time travel shenanigans.
3. Trading Kes for Seven.

Nothing else was really relevant to how the story ended or began, it was just filler.
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