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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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I also hated the Skreeans makeup, which is a very strange thing to hate. I think it's just something that stuck from when I was watching it when I was younger.
I'll give them credit for not just slapping something on the Skreeans foreheads, but it's still pretty.... distracting.

Like others have said, my biggest problem with Sanctuary is that the Skreeans act like spoiled children. And why are they so convinced that Bajor is Kentanna anyway? For all they know, Draylon II could be it. After all, isn't it also on the "other side of the Eye of the Universe"? I mean, jeez, even Bajoran prophecies are more open to interpretation.

Another problem I have is the Bajoran flute player. In that little side-plot he and Kira act like spoiled children (seems to be a theme for this episode). Apparently, asking such a great artist like him to play music appropriate to the surroundings is a travesty in Kira's mind. Lady, he's playing in a bar, what do you expect?! Yes, it's sad that he's not playing in a music hall, but be happy that he can play anywhere. Get over yourself.

Now, the episode does do some good things. For example, the Jake/Nog storyline is reasonably enjoyable. The scene where Quark breaks up the fight between Nog and the Skreean boy is very nice. And I like the reference to the Dominion. Rules of Acquisition showed us that they are an economic power to reckon with and Sanctuary shows us that they're a military power to reckon with. It's just a small reference, but it does add to the fabric of who they are.

I'd say two or two-and-a-half stars is about right.
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