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Re: Trip & T'Pol Appreciation Society, 2010 Edition

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Some of our members have been in contact with Michael Martin and asked about the future of Enterprise books. While he'd love to do more, the gist of his answer was "don't hold your breath."

Also, within the last year/year and a half, other things have gone on -- changes in the editorial staff, putting the kibosh on one of Martin's books, and other things. You can find more info here where we've been discussing what we know and planning our strategies.
I mean, it's common knowledge over in the TrekLit forum, and in the Trek Lit fandom in general, that the ENT novels haven't been selling well and that we may not see more after TO BRAVE THE STORM because of that. (At least not for a long time -- the STAR TREK lines are such that they needn't be "cancelled;" a book might come out years after the last one did, not because the line for that particular TREK series was cancelled, but just because they stopped making them for a while and then later resumed. It's not like a TV series where they ever have to maintain a consistent schedule or else it's "done;" so long as the publisher has the license to publish books based on the ENT series, more can always come out.)

But the idea that the STAR TREK line in general is threatened is just kinda -- well, it's silly. There's been no indication of such. The "cutbacks" you're referring to happened in 2007 -- four years ago. The editorial turnover also happened a long time ago; Marco Palmieri was laid off in late 2008 because of the recession, and then Margaret Clark in mid-2009. Jaimie Costas took over for a while, but then left for maternity leave and chose not to return. But that was almost two years ago; no one's left since.

The third ENT: ROMULAN WAR book was cancelled because of low demand for that particular series; there's been no indication that this is true of the rest of the STAR TREK lines.
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