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Re: Trip & T'Pol Appreciation Society, 2010 Edition

Some of our members have been in contact with Michael Martin and asked about the future of Enterprise books. While he'd love to do more, the gist of his answer was "don't hold your breath."

Also, within the last year/year and a half, other things have gone on -- changes in the editorial staff, putting the kibosh on one of Martin's books, and other things. You can find more info here where we've been discussing what we know and planning our strategies.

And as I said, nothing has been directly stated about the future of Enterprise or any other Star Trek books, but the idea is to let them know we love the books and want more *before* any irreversible decisions are made by the publisher.

Again, for the sake of keeping things on topic, I mention this because no more books basically equals no more TnT. If anyone wants more info they should read the links I've provided for themselves, and contact us with questions.
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