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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

I finally got caught up here at the midseason finale and appreciate the dilemma our survivors were placed with. Taking out Herschels' Walkers wasn't an issue, no personal attachment. The conclusion to the long running Sophia is missing arc had them dealing with not only someone they know that is turned/diseased/dead but a child.

I'm hoping that the group has a change of scenery for us in the last half of the season. Will getting to Fort Benning be the end point for a few episodes like the CDC was. They get a few more pieces of the larger puzzle with the Walker epidemic but suffer some more bad news(miscarriage?).

As much as Shane is a killer/rapist you can't help but know he's making sense many times the last few episodes. You can't be soft or naive in the type of world they have inherited.

Really great show!! Can't wait to rewatch S1 soon. Got a great Amazon Cyber Monday price on it at $14.
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