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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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One aspect I really like about the episode is the musical connection. Showing how much healing Bajor still needs. It is an interesting thought-provoking episode to be sure.
The musical connection wanted to make me slash my wrists! Who is this Bajoran guy? And what is so important about him? As secondary (or fill-in or even tertiary as I like to call them) characters go, what was his point? It was so painful having to listen to that naff music, perhaps if he played the Lord of the Rings theme (you know that Hobbit theme) it would have been awesome (and if you must know bring a genuine tear from my eye)...

Sanctuary is just about good as an episode, and there are rough patches and a few forced moments (Bajoran flute player...) I like the ending because it isn't all happy clappy. The Skreeans did have a point about their farming, they perhaps could have cultivated that continent. But the Bajorans were also right as well; they couldn't risk three million Skreeans starving to death because Bajor could barely feed itself let alone the Skreeans.

I like how the Skreean leader became very... lukewarm (like a sort of cold disappointment) towards Kira, and though the Skreeans were brushed away by the episodic brush, at least the ending was bittersweet and botched in a good way. TNG wouldn't have done that, but DS9 did, so this further bolsters the episode's goodness.

God, if TheGodBen doesn't give the next episode, Rivals, a rating of 0 then strike me down like the ending of Macbeth!
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