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Are you trying to make it a "full" ship - copying/pasting rooms to create whole decks or is it going to be more of a "sound stage" build where you just do the key rooms and they're all next to and down the hall from one another?
A combination of the two, building the whole ship is pointless, as it would all look the same and be mind numbingly boring to walk around. Eventually I'll link all the key areas, but probably on separate decks, then build a few Jeffries tubes/turbo lifts to give the illusion that you're exploring the ship.
Yeah, rooms for all 1,000 people would get a little boring but you're at least going to do the main cast's quarters, right? There's also odd rooms and areas here and there that were re-dresses of existing sets - throw some of them in wherever you can. Also, there were times in the Jeffries tubes where they were working on stuff - spots like those could be fun to find along the way.
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