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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Season 3 was atrocious, skip it outside of Future's End.
Season 3 wasn't good but I'd hardly say that "Future's End" was the only episode worth seeing. In fact, I thought "Future's End" was a pretty poor two parter and I've never even rewatched it.
Season 3 had "Remember", "Unity", "Before and After", "Real Life", "Distant Origin" and "Scorpion" which were all of a high quality imo. Its just unfortunate that the rest of the episodes aren't all just mediocre or OK but a good chunk are just plain bad.

Interesting Godben thinks that season 1 is the best. I certainly feel that season 1 is strong for Voyager. There's a sense of freshness about the show and the characters are written consistently well with "Prime Factors" a highlight. Everyone gets a chance to shine and I always found the Vidiians an appealing villain.
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