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Dark Future
Star trek - Dark Future recruiting now!

We are old school 'Birth of the federation' fanatics, as such we have developed a game for star trek fans to play on a 7-10 day average turn submission basis.

Engage in this combination of Wargaming combined with Roleplay in the early years of the Star Trek universe and beyond. Choose from 1 of 13 currently available races and build your empire through conquest, diplomacy and colonization. Perhaps you wish to guide your empire in the ways of stealthy espionage and sabotage or perhaps you favour diplomacy over brutal conquest, or are you the kind of player that believe becoming a trade empire is the best way to advance... all these option are open to you. Included is the ability to micromanage your systems and vessel and all important research as you decide on which class of vessels to invest time and research in. But dont think that other players are the only threats you face, Q has warned that something has changed in the timeline and something dark is coming, things may not be as they seem in this... Dark future.

Take a look at this mix of forum roleplay combined with wargaming, as PBeMs go i have yet to see something similiar.

This is the link to the forum, please take a look and help us make this a great game.
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