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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Sanctuary (**)

I've never understood the level of hate this episode gets. There are problems at the beginning and the end, but I liked the middle of the story. This is a genuine refugee crisis which is something that hasn't been shown on Trek before, and the scale of it (3 million people in tens of thousands of ships) adds to the feeling that DS9 is larger in scope than TNG. In fact, this is the first time that we see an actual fleet around DS9, something that becomes more familiar as the show progresses. I also liked the depiction of the Skrreeans as a matriarchal society. It's way, way better than the attempt in TNG's Angel One, where the women were muscular and domineering while the men were meek and wore perfume. At least here the women act like women and not men with boobs.

The start of the episode is pointless, it's like as if the episode was running 5 minutes short so they added some scenes where the universal translator wasn't working to pad things out. It doesn't really add to the story, it's a needless complication that gets in the way of what the episode is about. The bigger problem is the ending where the Skrreeans decide that they want to live on Bajor and set up farms and stuff. By itself, that's not such a big deal, it's the way that Haneek and the other Skrreeans act as if living on Bajor was their birthright because of some prophesy about a world called Kentanna. What sort of people expect to have the right to live on someone else's land because of prophesy? You know, other than the Israelis? Once again, this plot point feels needless and tacked on, but this time it's to create drama rather than to fill time. And it doesn't really work to create drama as one side (the Bajorans) sound reasonable and the other side (the Skrreeans) sound like spoiled children. As a result, the supposedly tragic ending doesn't work as it comes across as that kid's own damned fault.

Another reference to the Dominion here, but that's all it is, a reference. They're not a part of the story as they were in Rules of Acquisition, they could have called the conquering aliens the Bellendites and it would have been the same story. Still, it's a nice reference for those that are rewatching the show.
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