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Re: Planet of the Titans U.S.S. Enterprise

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LordSarvain, your ship has a real Concorde vibe.
Let's hope it won't be as disastrous as that one was.
I wouldn't call the Concord "disastrous" in any way. Not cost effective, maybe. Loud, maybe. Cramped, maybe. But not "disastrous".
I agree with sojourner here. The Concorde was anything but disastrous. I think the Concorde was innovative, and I find it a damn shame that we don't see airliners headed in that direction. Granted that as typical with supersonic and hypersonic aircraft, that the Concorde wasn't very fuel efficient. And it is very likely we won't see another supersonic airliner until another source of fuel is developed to replace the current jet fuel.

True, the Concorde also made a large boom. I have no idea about how cramped they were, but I doubt they were any more cramped than most airliners.
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