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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x12 - "Heresy" (part 2 of 2)





Kira, Vaughn, Dax and Ro are stood around the central Ops table, talking quietly and sadly among themselves as the business of Ops goes on around them. Bowers, Shar and Nog are all at their stations.

So... what else did I miss?

The Vedek Assembly is in uproar
over Yevirís latest publicity
stunt. Heís even made official
overtures of friendship to Kai
Solis and the Ohalavaru, which
has got the more conservative
vedeks frothing at the mouth
as Iím sure you can imagine.
Asaremís trying her best to
keep everyone calm.

Good luck with that.

The side door to Ops opens, and Prynn enters. Sheís looking anxious. She glances over to Shar at the science console. He sees her looking, smiles at her, and turns back.

Vaughn has noticed Prynnís arrival. With leave from Kira, he steps away and goes to her. They talk quietly, out of the way of earshot.

Prynn? Are you okay?

Dad, I want to apologize. For
earlier, on the Defiant. I
abandoned my post. Iím sorry.
You should discipline me.

Oh, baby... Donít be silly. You
brought that whole ship home
safe. If you hadnít played that
helm like Mozart at his piano,
we wouldnít be alive right now.

Prynn smiles in relief and flattery. But then her eye flicks over to Shar again, and she begins to crumble.

I just couldnít...

Vaughn pulls her in close, hugs her tight.

I know, baby. I know exactly
how you feel. And if you want
your old manís advice...

He pulls back, looks her in the eye.

VAUGHN (cont)
Go to him. Go to him now.

Prynn is almost in tears, but she smiles at Vaughn. She steps away and heads towards the science station.

Meanwhile, the turbolift rises into Ops, carrying Bashir. The doctor carries a travelling bag over his shoulder. He nods politely at Vaughn as he heads down to the Ops table.

Captain, I have something to say.

(pulling away)
I should probably get back to
the Security office. I think Iíve
had enough command experience
to hold me for a while.

No, Lieutenant, Iíd like you to
stay, please. I want everyone
to hear this.

Doctor, whatís going on?

Bashir reaches into his bag, pulls out a padd, and hands it to Kira.

This is my letter of resignation
as DS-Nineís Chief Medical
Officer, effective immediately.

The room goes quiet. Everyone has heard.

Doctor, I know you have some
reservations about this
Ascendants thing...

Reservations? You could say
that. Youíre allying Starfleet
officers with a murderous and
oppressive regime, to help
you get into the middle of
a religious war thatís not
our problem, on behalf of
people who donít even want
our help. Well, I refuse to
be a part of it.

The alliance with the Dominion
isnít even happening, Julian.
Taraníatar turned us down.

I know you, Nerys. Youíre not
going to give up that easily.
And since youíre apparently
determined not to see sense on
this, I suppose thereís nothing
else I can do but leave.

Julian... you canít do this.

I would think youíd be happy
to see the back of me, Dax.
Since we donít seem to be
able to exist on this station
together anymore without
ripping each other to shreds.
(back to Kira)
You and I are the only ones
left of the old guard, Nerys.
Everyone else has moved on.
And if this is the way itís
going to be around here now,
then I guess itís just time
I move on as well.
(to the room)
Goodbye, everyone. Nice
knowing you.

He turns and walks back up the stairs to the turbolift, steps aboard.

Docking ring, section twelve.

The turbolift carries him away. Everyone watches him go in silence, stunned. Kira, Ro, Nog, Vaughn... Dax.


Iliana sits in a forest of cushions and silks, given every comfort in her pavilion. Sheís studying from an Ascendant type of padd. Thereís a rustle, and she looks up - Raiq has entered the tent. The woman is nervous, averting her eyes.

You wished to see me, Mistress?

Come closer, Raiq.
(off Raiqís surprise)
Yes, I know your name. Come.
Itís alright, donít be shy.

Raiq takes a few steps forward. But not very many.

I offer you my life, Mistress.
I failed you. The infidels
escaped death. I am ready to
face the penalty.

Iliana actually laughs out loud at that, confusing Raiq.

Raiq, I didnít ask you here to
punish you. I wanted to thank
you. Sit with me.

Still nervous and confused, Raiq nevertheless obeys.

You provided proof of what my
dreams have been telling me
for months now. That woman
you met, the one leading the
alien fleet... do you know
who she was?

A heretic, Mistress. She claimed
to speak with the True.

She may not have been lying,
Raiq. I speak with Them myself.

Raiq looks up at her, amazed...

ILIANA (cont)
You have heard the rumours of
the return of the Eavíoq? And
of a new race of heretics who
claim to know the True?
(Raiq nods)
She is their leader. She is
the one you must fight.

Me, Mistress? I am a simple
knight. I am not worthy to
lead any crusade.

Oh yes you are. You are my
chosen one, Raiq. You are my
hand, the one I send out among
the stars to strike against
the heretics.

Raiq is too stunned to speak. Daunted and honoured beyond belief, she bows her head in prayer.

Now... I want you to come with
me. I think Iíve spent long
enough indoors for one lifetime.
Itís time I step outside... and
speak to the knights. Thereís
something they need to know.

Iliana stands, looks back to Raiq, and holds out her hand to her. Awed, Raiq takes her hand, stands, and they move to the exit together.


The tent flaps open, and Iliana emerges into a small town of tents, clustered together in the bottom of the natural amphitheatre formation from 9x24 ďHaímara.Ē Ascendants are engaged in various activities - group prayers, battle drills, sharpening their spears, stilted socializing.

The head priest, Essk, is standing over a flaming brazier, praying silently to himself. He turns at the sound of shocked whispers from the gathered knights...

But what makes Esskís jaw drop is that Iliana is holding Raiqís hand, guiding her along like a student. Who the hell is this nobody to be holding the hand of the Fire?

Iliana automatically has everyoneís attention. They start to gather, to listen to whatever she has to say.

Knights of the Ascendancy...
Archquesters... Holy soldiers
of the True. Hear me. These
have been strange days.
The first time so many of you
have gathered together in this
way in living memory. I spent
many years in solitude myself.
It has taken me time to become
acclimatised to so much company.
But we can afford solitude no
longer. As the events of today
have shown us, a new crusade
lies before the Ascendants.

Hushed, awed whispers spread through the crowd. Essk purses a little Ė why did he not know about this first?

The ones you fought today...
the ones who took the lives
of many brave knights... they
are the new heretics Cardinal
Essk warned you of. I was sent
by the True not only to light
the way to the Fortress, but
also to guide you in the fight
against them. Because those
goals are one and the same.
They are called the Bajorans,
and taking the battle to them
will lead us to the Fortress
of the True, once and for all.

Excitement among the crowd. Theyíre lapping it up. Iliana holds Raiqís hand high up in the air with her own.

This woman, this simple knight
of the True, she has encountered
the Bajorans twice now. Once in
the person of an old priestess,
spreading their twisted version
of the Trueís light. And again
today, in the form of a warrior,
who killed countless of your
brothers and sisters. But trust
me, the priestess is just as
dangerous as the warrior. Because
even now, she works to cement
an alliance between the
Bajorans... and the Eavíoq.

The mention of the hated Eavíoq gets them roaring. They hold their spears high, waving them in religious bloodlust.

Yes! The two greatest heretics
we have ever faced have joined
together against us! And these
false idolaters will persecute
we honest believers for our
knowledge of the Truth!

Destroy them!

Yes! We will destroy them. We
will hunt down every last
Bajoran and every last Eavíoq,
and every other heretic who
stands between us and the
Fortress of the True. And we
will burn them out! They will
all die and burn!

Die and burn! Die and burn!

Iliana has one last sure fire hit...

I... am... the Fire!

The Ascendants roar their fervour and thrust their spears to the stars. The spearsí tips burst into flame, lighting up the whole black stone quarry in reflected fire light.

Essk stands with a bit more decorum, wanting to be just as enthusiastic as everyone else but somehow not managing it.

Panning up to the black sky filled with stars...


The remaining ships of the Starfleet armada zoom along through space, at warp. The five ships still all show significant damage.

We move in closer on the Intrepid-class Blackthorne as it flies, seeing the windows along its side. Closer, and now we can make out figures inside. Closer still, to one window in particular, and we see Julian Bashir sat at the window.


Bashir sits in the seat by the window, his traveling bag beside him. Across the room, by the door, is Captain Thann.

If you need anything, Doctor,
feel free to call the bridge.

Iím sure Iíll be fine, Captain
Thann. I promise I wonít be
any bother.

Perhaps youíd like to join the
senior staff for dinner later?

Oh, I donít know that Iíd be
the best company right now.
But thank you for the offer.

Thann accepts, nods acknowledgement, and turns to leave. Now alone, Bashir picks up a padd, and with a heavy heart, begins to speak into it.

Doctor Julian Bashir, ex Chief
Medical Officer, Deep Space
Nine. Personal log. Itís done.
I just couldnít stay and watch
those people - my friends Ė
throw their lives away. Once
was bad enough. So I left. I
know I canít be the only one who
thinks getting in bed with the
Dominion against the Ascendants
is a terrible idea. Itís bound
to go wrong. Either way we end
up in another war. And I canít
let that happen. So if I have
to find those others, and work
with them to stop it from
happening, then so be it. And
I think I know where to start
looking for them. End log.
Computer, as soon as weíre
in range of a relay station,
please transmit that personal
log towards Earth.

Specify required destination.

No specific destination. Just
mark it, for the attention of
Mister Cole, courtesy of...
the organization.

The computer bleeps in acknowledgement. That done, Bashir settles back into his seat, preparing for a long trip.

Pull back out of the window...


...and away from the armada, as it flies on into space.



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